The Sticky Fingers of Time

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The Sticky Fingers of Time ★★ 1997

New York writer Tucker (Matthews) is not having your average day. She goes out for coffee in 1953 and winds up in 1997 (thanks to some kind of atom-bomb mutation in her DNA). Turns out she's not the only time traveller, according to fellow freak, Isaac (Urbaniak). In fact, Isaac was responsible for bringing Tucker into the future so she wouldn't be murdered. Tucker (who's a pulp novelist) takes everything that happens with chain-smoking aplomb. 81m/B VHS, DVD . Terumi Matthews, James Urbaniak, Belinda Becker, Nicole Zaray, Samantha Buck; D: Hilary Brougher; W: Hilary Brougher; C: Ethan Mass; M: Miki Navazio.