The State Within

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The State Within ★★ ½ 2006

A very complicated political conspiracy entangles British ambassador to the U.S., Sir Mark Brydon (Isaacs), with terrorists, corporate hijinks, and the tough-talking U.S. secretary of defense (Gless). When a British airliner is blown up over D.C., the bomb is traced to a British Muslim suicide bomber with apparent ties to a Central Asian nation in political turmoil. Then there's British national Luke Gardner (James), who's on Florida's death row, and is tied into the players in unexpected ways. Isaacs and Gless are outstanding, but the story has too many shadowy characters and subplots for its own good. 360m/C DVD . GB Jason Isaacs, Sharon Gless, Ben Daniels, Eva Birthistle, Lennie James, Neil Pearson, Alex Jennings, Noam Jenkins, Genevieve O'Reilly, Nigel Bennett; D: Daniel Percival; W: Daniel Percival, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mickery; C: David Perrault; M: Jennie Muskett. CABLE

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The State Within

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