Star Kid

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Star Kid ★★★ The Warrior of Waverly Street 1997 (PG)

Twelve-year-old Spencer Griffith (Mazzello) is the new wimp in town, with a face that immediately attracts the fists of the biggest bully around, Turbo Bradley (Simmrin). On the run from Turbo, Spencer encounters Cy, an experimental cyber-battlesuit built by cutesy good aliens to save themselves from reptilian bad aliens. After inserting himself into Cy, and solving a few problems common to boy-inside-alien relationships, Spencer takes his first awkward steps, gets some humorous revenge on Turbo, and learns some lessons about confronting one's fears and accepting responsibility. Film delivers enough action and effects to keep everyone happy. 101m/C VHS, DVD . Joseph Mazzello, Alex Daniels, Richard Gilliland, Joey Simmrin, Brian Simpson, Danny Masterson, Corinne Bohrer, Arthur Burghardt, Ashlee Levitch, Heidi Lotito; D: Manny Coto; W: Manny Coto; C: Ronn Schmidt; M: Nicholas Pike.