Standing Still

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Standing Still ★★ 2005 (R)

Talented cast is wasted in an all-too-familiar story about a post-collegiate reunion of 20somethings who find adulthood a generally bewildering trial. Los Angeles couple Michael (Garcia) and Elise (Adams) gather their friends together for their wedding. Among them are best man Rich (Stanford) and his girlfriend Samantha (Sagemiller), sarcastic Lana (Suvari) and oddball Pockets (Abrahams), movie star Simon (Van Der Beek), agent Quentin (Hanks), and outspoken lesbian Jennifer (German), who has issues with the bride, who's not the only one keeping secrets. 90m/C DVD . US Adam Garcia, Amy Adams, Aaron Stanford, Melissa Sagemiller, Mena Suvari, Jon Abrahams, Xander Berkeley, Lauren German, Colin Hanks, Roger Avary, Ethan (Randall) Embry, James Van Der Beek; D: Michael Cole Weiss; W: Timm Sharp, Matthew Perniciaro; C: Robert Brinkmann; M: B.C. Smith.

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Standing Still

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