Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

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Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams ★★★ 2002 (PG)

Worthy sequel finds Carmen (Vega) and Juni (Sabara) fighting rival spy kids when they take on a mystery man and his creatures on a distant island. Vexing blond siblings Gary and Gerti Giggles (O'Leary and Osment) take credit for the Cortez's super-sleuthing at every turn. Meanwhile Cortez patriarch Gregorio (Banderas) has his own problems with the Giggles' dad Donnagon (Judge), as they battle for OSS leadership. Life in a spy family isn't always easy. All that aside, the newly minted Junior OSS agents must do their thing and save the day, traveling to the mutant-animal-populated island of mad scientist Buscemi. Nearly as good as the original. Montalban and Taylor as mom Ingrid's disapproving folks are a highlight. 86m/C VHS, DVD . US Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Mike Judge, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Richard “Cheech” Marin, Ricardo Montalban, Holland Taylor, Matt O'Leary, Emily Osment; D: Robert Rodriguez; W: Robert Rodriguez; C: Robert Rodriguez; M: John Debney, Robert Rodriguez.