Snodgrass, W. D.

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SNODGRASS, W. D. Also writes as S. S. Gardons. American, b. 1926. Genres: Poetry, Literary criticism and history, Translations. Career: Professor, University of Delaware, Newark, 1979-94; Instructor in English, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1955-57, University of Rochester, NY, 1957-58, and Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1959-67; Professor of English, Syracuse University, NY, 1968-77; Old Dominion University, 1978. Publications: Heart's Needle, 1959; After Experience: Poems and Translations, 1968; (as S.S. Gardons) Remains: Poems, 1970; In Radical Pursuit: Critical Essays and Lectures, 1975; The Fuhrer Bunker, 1977; If Birds Built with Your Hair, 1979; The Boy Made of Meat, 1983; Magda Goebbels, 1983; D.D. Byrde Calling Jennie Wrenn, 1984; Selected Poems 1957-1987, 1987; Midnight Carnival (poems), 1988; To Shape a Song, 1989; The Death of Cock Robin, 1989; Autumn Variations, 1990; Each in His Season (poems), 1993; The Fuehrer Bunker: The Complete Cycle (poems), 1995; Selected Translations, 1998; After-Images: Autobiographical Sketches, 1999; De/Compositions: 101 Good Poems Gone Wrong, 2001; To Sound Like Yourself: Essays on Poetry, 2002. TRANSLATOR: (with L. Segal) Gallows Songs, by C. Morgenstern, 1967; Six Troubadour Songs, 1977; Traditional Hungarian Songs, 1978; Six Minnesinger Songs, 1983; The Four Seasons, 1984; Star and Other Poems, by M. Eminescu, 1990. Address: 3061 Hughes Rd, Erieville, NY 13061, U.S.A.