Sniper 1992

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Sniper ★½ 1992 (R)

Less than compelling shoot-'em-up set in Panama. Lead characters include Sgt. Beckett (Berenger), a seasoned assassin who gets a rush from killing. Also assigned to the case is Richard Miller (Zane), a newcomer who knows his guns but not his jungles. Together they go in search of their target, a politician planning a coup with the help of a druglord. Action is poorly choreographed and plot is cursory at best. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Tom Berenger, Billy Zane, J.T. Walsh, Aden Young, Ken Radley, Reinaldo Arenas, Carlos Alvarez, Roy Edmonds, Dale Dye; D: Luis Llosa; W: Michael Frost Beckner, Crash Leyland; C: Bill Butler; M: Gary Chang.