Sisson, Rosemary Anne

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SISSON, Rosemary Anne

SISSON, Rosemary Anne. British, b. 1923. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Biography. Publications: The Adventures of Ambrose, 1951; The Impractical Chimney Sweep, 1956; Mr. Nobody, 1956; The Queen and the Welshman (play), 1958; Fear Came to Supper (play), 1959; The Splendid Outcasts (play), 1959; The Young Shakespeare, 1959; The Isle of Dogs, 1959; The Young Jane Austen, 1962; The Young Shaftesbury, 1964; Bitter Sanctuary (play), 1964; The Man in the Case (play), 1965; The Exciseman, 1972; Catherine of Aragon: Six Wives of Henry VIII (television play), 1972; The Marriage Game: Elizabeth R (television play), 1972; The Killer of Horseman's Flats, 1973; (with R. Morley) A Ghost on Tiptoe (play), 1975; The Stratford Story, 1974; Horse in the House (television play), 1976; Escape from the Dark, 1976; Duchess of Duke Street (television series), 1977; The Dark Horse (play), 1978; Talking Parcel (television play), 1978; The Queen and the Welshman, 1979; (with A. Nixon) The Manions of America, 1982; Bury Love Deep, 1985; Beneath the Visiting Moon, 1986; The Bretts, 1987; The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, 1991, 1994. Address: c/o Andrew Mann Ltd, 1 Old Compton St, London W1V 5PH, England.