Sisler, Harry Hall

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SISLER, Harry Hall

SISLER, Harry Hall. American, b. 1917. Genres: Poetry, Chemistry, Sciences. Career: Distingushed Service Professor of Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville, 1979- (Chairman, Dept. of Chemistry, 1957-68; Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 1968-70; Executive Vice President, 1970-73; Dean of the Graduate School, 1973-79). Consulting Ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold Publishing Corp., NYC, 1963-71, and Dowden Hutchinson & Ross, 1971-78. Publications: TEXT BOOKS: (with C.A. VanderWerf and A.W. Davidson) General Chemistry: A Systematic Approach, 1949; (with W.T. Lippincott and J.J. Stewart) A Systematic Laboratory Course in General Chemistry, 1950; (with A.B. Garrett and J.F. Haskins) Essentials of Chemistry, 1951; (with A.B. Garrett, J.F. Haskins and M. Kurbatov) Essentials of Experimental Chemistry, 1951; (with W.L. Evans and A.B. Garrett) Semi-Micro Qualitative Analysis, 1951; (with C.A. VanderWerf and A.W. Davidson) College Chemistry, 1953, 3rd ed. (also with R.D. Dresdner), 1967; Chemistry in Non-Aqueous Solvents, 1961; Electron Structure, Properties, and the Periodic Law, 1961; (with R.D. Dresdner and W. Mooney) College Chemistry, 1980. POETRY: Starlight, 1976; Of Outer and Inner Space, 1981; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, 1990; Autumn Harvest, 1996; Perspectives, 1999; Autumnal Harvest, 2000. EDITOR: (with W.L. Jolly) Metal-Ammonia Solutions, 1972; (with R.G. Pearson) Hard and Soft Acids and Bases, 1973; (with L.K. Krannich) Compounds Containing As-N Bonds, 1976; (with S.E. Frazier) Chloramination Reactions, 1977. Address: 6014 NW 54th Way, Gainesville, FL 32653, U.S.A.