Sirens 1999

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Sirens ★★ 1999 (R)

The sirens in this case are those attached to police cars. Sally Rawlings (Delany) gets a big promotion and decides to share the good news with her ex-hubby (Curtis Hall). They wind up parked under a bridge, steaming up the windows, when a cop car comes along. Trigger-happy cop (Carradine) winds up shooting the unarmed ex dead and the police try to cover up the bad shooting. Of course, Sally wants justice—no matter what it costs. 102m/C VHS . Dana Delany, Keith Carradine, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Brian Dennehy, Justin Theroux; D: John Sacret Young; W: John Sacret Young; C: Eagle Egilsson; M: Brian Tyler. CABLE