Shattered Image 1998

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Shattered Image ★★½ 1998

Jessie (Parillaud) is either a coldblooded hit woman dreaming she's a honeymooner, or a newlywed dreaming she's a psycho assassin. Or both. After whacking a businessman in the men's room at a Seattle restaurant, our heroine goes home to bed, and wakes up a different woman. Literally. On her way to Jamaica with her new husband (Baldwin), Jessie again nods off and she's back in Seattle on her next hit. Each reality features characters from the alternate one, although (like Jessie) each has a different personality. Ruiz fills the screen with stunning homages (Wellesian mirror shots and Hitchcockian split personalities), a truly outrageous ending, and the surrealistic feel of a dream, making for psychotic, if not completely convincing, fun. 102m/C VHS, DVD . Anne Parillaud, William Baldwin, Lisanne Falk, Graham Greene, Bulle Ogier, Billy Wilmott, O'Neil Peart, Leonie Forbes; D: Raul Ruiz; W: Duane Poole; C: Robby Muller; M: Jorge Arriagada.