Shaft 1971

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Shaft ★★★ 1971 (R)

A black private eye (Roundtree) is hired to find a Harlem gangster's (Gunn) kidnapped daughter. Lotsa sex and violence; suspenseful and well directed by notable “Life” photographer Parks. Great ending. Academy Awardwinning theme song by Isaac Hayes, the first music award from the Academy to an African American. Adapted from the novel by Ernest Tidyman. Followed by “Shaft's Big Score” and “Shaft in Africa.” ♫Theme From Shaft. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn, Charles Cioffi, Christopher St. John, Gwen Mitchell, Lawrence Pressman, Victor Arnold, Antonio Fargas, Drew “Bundini” Brown; D: Gordon Parks; W: John D.F. Black, Ernest Tidyman; C: Urs Furrer; M: Isaac Hayes, J.J. Johnson. Oscars '71: Song (“Theme from Shaft”); Golden Globes '72: Score, Natl. Film Reg. '00.