Sex and the City: The Movie

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Sex and the City: The Movie 2008

The HBO show ended in 2004 and what's been happening to our gals? Happily married to Harry (Handler), adoptive mom Charlotte (Davis) finds out she's preggers; on the other hand, marrieds Miranda (Nixon) and Steve (Eigenberg) are troubled in Brooklyn with infidelity issues; sex bomb Samantha (Cattrall), who now lives in L.A., may not have stopped looking but maybe she's stopped touching since younger hottie Smith (Lewis) is still in the picture; and our beloved narrator Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) is about to marry Big (Noth) while wearing a a really ugly wedding ensemble. But will our perennial Manhattan single actually tie the knot? Not yet reviewed. ?m/C Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Christopher Noth, David Eigenberg, Jason Lewis, Evan Handler, Jennifer Hudson, Willie Garson, Mario Cantone, Lynn Cohen; D: Michael Patrick King; W: Michael Patrick King; C: John Thomas; M: Aaron Zigman.