Savage Harvest 2: October Blood

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Savage Harvest 2: October Blood ★½ 2006

Sequel that was 13 years in the making follows lowbudget horror film director Tyge Murdock (Gaa) as he returns home to reassess his life after an actor is accidentally killed on one of his sets. But home is where the nightmares are. Reuniting with his high school flame (Haack) brings back remnants of a mass murder that took place ten years earlier and the old gang quickly finds themselves trapped in a demonic gorespattered nightmare. Script is decent enough but the cast doesn't have the chops to pull it off, Haack being the exception as the deadly-intense Ashley Lomack. 119m/C DVD . Benjamin Gaa, Emily Haack, Eric Stanze, David Propst, Jonathan Baker; D: Jason Christ; W: Jason Christ; C: Jason Christ; M: Shawn Donoho. VIDEO