Russett, Bruce Martin

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RUSSETT, Bruce Martin

RUSSETT, Bruce Martin. American, b. 1935. Genres: International relations/Current affairs, Military/Defense/Arms control, Politics/Government. Career: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, instructor, 1961- 62; Yale University, New Haven, CT, assistant professor, 1962-66, associate professor, 1966-68, professor, 1968-85, Dean Acheson Professor of International Relations and Political Science, 1985-. Journal of Conflict Resolution, editor, 1972-. Publications: Community and Contention, 1963; World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators, 1964; (with H. Alker) World Politics in the General Assembly, 1965; Trends in World Politics, 1965; International Regions and the International System, 1967; What Price Vigilance?, 1970; No Clear and Present Danger, 1972; Power and Community in World Politics, 1974; (with E.C. Hanson) Interest and Ideology, 1975; (with H. Starr) World Politics, 1981, 7th ed., 2003; The Prisoners of Insecurity, 1983; Controlling the Sword, 1990; Grasping the Democratic Peace, 1993; (with J.R. Oneal) Triangulating Peace. EDITOR: Economic Theories of International Politics, 1968; Peace, War, and Numbers, 1972; (with A. Stepan) Military Force and American Society, 1973; (with B. Blair) Progress in Arms Control?, 1979; (with R. Merritt) From National Development to Global Community, 1981; (with F. Chernoff) Arms Control and the Arms Race, 1985; (with H. Starr and R. Stoll) Choices in World Politics, 1989; The Once and Future Security Council, 1997; (with F. Oakley) Governance, Accountability, and the Future of the Catholic Church, 2004. Address: Political Science Dept, Yale University, PO Box 208301, New Haven, CT 06520-8301, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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Russett, Bruce Martin

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