Ruby in the Smoke

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Ruby in the Smoke ★★½ Sally Lockhart Mysteries: Ruby in the Smoke 2006

It's 1872 in London and Sally Lockhart has just learned that her father has died while investigating suspicious activity in his shipping business. Spunky Sally is told about the Ruby of Agrapur and her father's part in the gem's disappearance decades before. It seems the cursed stone is leading Sally straight into danger with the city's most ruthless criminals. Based on the mystery by Philip Pullman. 90m/C DVD . GB Julie Walters, J.J. Feild, David Harewood, Hayley Atwell, Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Ramon Tikaram; D: Brian Percival; W: Adrian Hodges; C: Peter Greenhalgh; M: Martin Phipps; V: Martin Jarvis. TV