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Royal Flash ★★★ 1975 (PG)

Satiri cal adventure picture, witty and fast paced, with a few real life period charac ters thrown in for good measure. Cowardly swashbuckler Flashman, wanting to enter high society, is used to advance a political cause when he is forced to impersonate a Prussian nobleman and marry a duchess. Script by Fraser and based on his series of novels featuring the Flashman charac ter. 98m/C VHS, DVD . GB Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, Florinda Bolkan, Oliver Reed, Britt Ek land, Lionel Jeffries, Tom Bell, Alastair Sim, Mi chael Hordern, Joss Ackland, Christopher Caze nove, Bob Hoskins; D: Richard Lester; W: George MacDonald Fraser; C: Geoffrey Unsworth.

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Royal Flash

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