River's Edge

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River's Edge ★★★ 1987 (R)

Drug-addled high school student strangles his girlfriend and casually displays the corpse to his apathetic group of friends, who leave the murder unreported for days. Harrowing and gripping; based on a true story. Aging biker Hopper is splendid. 99m/ C VHS, DVD . Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover, Daniel Roebuck, Joshua John Miller, Dennis Hopper, Ione Skye, Roxana Zal, Tom Bower, Constance Forslund, Leo Rossi, Jim Metzler; D: Tim Hunter; W: Neal Jimenez; C: Frederick Elmes; M: Jurgen Knieper. Ind. Spirit '88: Film, Screenplay; Sun-dance '87: Special Jury Prize.