Rice, Earle, Jr.

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RICE, Earle, Jr.

RICE, Earle, Jr. American, b. 1928. Genres: Novels, Young adult fiction, History, Law, Military/Defense/Arms control, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Worked as a designer, technical writer, and senior design engineer in the aerospace, electronics, and nuclear industries, 1960-93; freelance writer/ editor, 1993-. Publications: FICTION: Tiger, Lion, Hawk, 1977; The Animals, 1979; Death Angel, 1981; The Gringo Dies at Dawn, 1993. BATTLE SERIES: The Battle of Belleau Wood, 1996; The Battle of Britain, 1996; The Battle of Midway, 1996; The Inchon Invasion, 1996; The Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1997; The Tet Offensive, 1997. FAMOUS TRIALS SERIES: The Nuremberg Trials, 1997; The Salem Witch Trials, 1997; The O.J. Simpson Trial, 1997. WORLD HISTORY SERIES: The Cuban Revolution, 1995; The Battle of the Little Big Horn, 1997; The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 2001. SPORTS FICTION: Fear on Ice, 1981; More Than Macho, 1981. HOLOCAUST SERIES: The Final Solution, 1997; Nazi War Criminals, 1997. THE WAY PEOPLE LIVE SERIES: Life among the Great Plains Indians, 1998; Life during the Crusades, 1998; Life during the Middle Ages, 1998. AMERICA'S WAR LIBRARY SERIES: The Kamikazes, 1999; Strategic Battles in Europe, 2000; Strategic Battles in the Pacific, 2000. HISTORY'S GREAT DEFEATS SERIES: The Third Reich; The Cold War, 2000. BATTLES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD SERIES: Normandy, 2002; The First Battle of the Marne, 2002; Gettysburg, 2002. FAMOUS FLYERS SERIES: Claire Chennault, Flying Tiger, 2002; Manfred von Rich- thofen, the Red Baron, 2002. GREAT MILITARY LEADERS SERIES: Patton, Tank Commander, 2003; Rommel, the Desert Fox, 2003; MacArthur, General of the Army, 2003. OTHER: Sir Francis Drake, 2002; The Tonkin Gulf Affair, 2002; Korea 1950, 2003. ABRIDGER AND ADAPTOR: Dracula, 1995; All Quiet on the Western Front, 1995; The Grapes of Wrath, 1996. Address: PO Box 2131, Julian, CA 92036-2131, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]