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Reptilicus ★★ 1962

Oil drillers in Lapland bring up a sample of prehistoric flesh from a frozen bog deep below the earth, which is transported to Copenhagen. It proves to be alive and growing; eventually a lightning storm frees it from its holding tank. Soon thereafter the army has a real problem on its hands when it reappears as a completely regenerated monster, crawling across the landscape, crushing buildings and eating farmers. The authorities have no luck ridding themselves of the scaly, snake-like dragon, until they corner it in the main square in downtown Copenhagen. This alternative epic comes in dead last in the list of movies where giant monsters attack cities. The several hundred extras who run politely through the streets in “panic” look bored or amused. Most of Reptilicus's scenes are artlessly shot in broad daylight, making its general artificiality even more obvious. 90m/C DVD . DK Carl Ottosen, Ann Smyrner, Mimi Heinrich, Asbjorn Andersen, Bodil Miller, Bent Mejding, Dirch Passer, Ole Wisborg; D: Sidney W. Pink; W: Sidney W. Pink, Ib Melchior; C: Aage Wiltrup; M: Sven Gyldmark.