Redline 2007

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Redline ★ 2007 (PG-13)

Self-financed and distributed by real estate tycoon Sadek, this action pic is most notable for its conspicuous consumption. Dissolute Michael (Macfadyen) instigates an illegal $100 million winner-take-all race with high-rollers Infamous (Griffin), a rapper, and movie producer Jerry (Matheson), and such drivers as the vengeful Natasha (Bjorlin) and daredevil Jason (Johnson). Plot—such as it is—is an excuse to watch some of the world's most expensive cars become scrap metal. 95m/C DVD . US Nathan Phillips, Angus MacFadyen, Tim Matheson, Eddie Griffin, Nadia Bjorlin, Jesse Johnson, Barbara Niven, Louis Mandylor, Denyce Lawton, Neill Skylar; D: Andy Cheng; W: Richard Foreman; C: Bill Butler; M: Ian Honeyman, Andrew Raiher.