Pursuit of Happiness

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Pursuit of Happiness ★★½ 2001

L.A. ad exec Alan Oliver (Whaley) always has his longtime best platonic friend Marissa (Gish) to turn to when his life spins out of control. And it's about to—his boss (Stapleton) takes him off his biggest account, his girlfriend moves out, and he's suddenly in a rebound romance with Tracy (Johnson). What Alan fails to realize is that Marissa is also having trouble since her marriage is falling apart. Oh, and as Alan pursues happiness, he should also realize that it's closer than he thinks. 93m/ C VHS, DVD . Frank Whaley, Annabeth Gish, Amy Jo Johnson, Patrick Van Horn, Jean Stapleton, Alex HydeWhite, Cress Williams, Liz Vassey, Kieran Mulroney, AnneMarie Johnson; D: John Putch; W: John Robert Zaring; C: Ross Berryman.