Psycho Beach Party

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Psycho Beach Party ★★½ 2000

Busch adapted his own play—a spoof of 60s teen beach movies and pyscho/thrillers. Perky teen tomboy Florence (Ambrose) desperately wants to fit into her SoCal ocean lifestyle by becoming the first female accepted into the local surfers who are led by hipster Kanaka (Gibson). The newly christened “Chicklet” has a dark side, however, a separate sultry personality named Anne that she fears is responsible for a series of murders that are thinning out the teen population. Busch plays the investigating officer, and former Kanaka girlfriend, Capt. Monica Stark. 95m/C VHS, DVD . Lauren Ambrose, Thomas Gibson, Nicholas Brendon, Charles Busch, Kimberly Davies, Matt Keeslar, Nathan Bexton, Buddy Quaid, Beth Broderick, Amy Adams, Danni Wheeler, Kathleen Robertson; D: Robert Lee King; W: Charles Busch; C: Arturo Smith; M: Ben Vaughn.