Private Parts 1996

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Private Parts ★★½ Howard Stern's Private Parts 1996 (R)

Stern makes his movie debut as…himself! Selfeffacing yet selfaggrandizing bio traces Stern's rise from gawky kid to gawky college student to awkward smallmarket DJ to New York madman to inauguration as selfproclaimed King of All Media. Funny, and at times, touching flick features good performances by the rookie actors in Stern's inner circle, as well as by the pros. Giamatti is exceptional as the young WNBC exec assigned to tame Howard. Script manages to show Stern's outrageousness and still make him likeable. While this is clearly a whitewash job, and under other circumstances Stern himself might make fun of its sentimentality, pic should please everyone but the most rabid Sternhater. 109m/C VHS, DVD . Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Mary McCormack, Paul Giamatti, Fred Norris, Gary Dell'Abate, Bobby Boriello, Michael Maccarone, Matthew Friedman, Jackie Martling, Carol Alt, Richard Portnow, Kelly Bishop, Henry Goodman, Jonathan Hadary, Paul Hecht, Allison Janney, Michael Murphy, James Murtaugh, Reni Santoni, Lee Wilkof, Theresa Lynn, Amber Smith; D: Betty Thomas; W: Len Blum, Michael Kalesniko; C: Walt Lloyd; M: Van Dyke Parks.