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POLKINHORN, Harry. American, b. 1945. Genres: Poetry. Career: Poet, artist, teacher, editor, translator, and critic. Publications: POETRY: Excisions, 1976; Radix Zero, 1981; Volvox, 1981; Anaesthesia, 1985; Bridges of Skin Money (visual), 1986; Summary Dissolution (visual), 1988; Begging for Remission, 1989; Teraphim (visual), 1995; Mount Soledad, 1996; Throat Shadow, 1997; Blueshift, 1998; Tayet's Bandages, 1999. EXPERIMENTAL FICTION: Travelling with Women, 1983; Lorenia La Rosa: A Travelogue, 1989. OTHER: (with A. Velasco and M. Lambert) El Libro de Calo: Pachuco Slang Dictionary, 1983; (with Velasco and Lambert) El Libro de Calo: Chicano Slang Dictionary, 1986; Jerome Rothenberg: A Descriptive Bibliography, 1988; The Illusion of Reality: An Interview with Dick Higgins, 1990. EDITOR: Border Literature/Literatura Fronteriza: A Binational Conference, 1987; (co) Literatura Frontera Mexico-Estados Unidos/Mexican-American Border Writing, 1987; (co) Mexican/American Border Literature: Short Stories, 1987; (co) The Line: Essays on Mexican/American Border Literature: Short Stories, 1988; (and author of intro) Post-Art: International Exhibition of Visual/Experimental Poetry, 1988; (co) Border Literature: Proceedings of the Border Literature Conference (Tijuana, June-July, 1988), 1989; (co) Border Literature: Towards an Integrated Perspective XIII, 1990; (co) Visual Arts on the U.S./Mexican Border, 1991; (co) The Flight of the Eagle: Poetry on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1993; (co and trans.) Bodies beyond Borders: Dance on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1993; (co) Open Signs: Language and Society on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1993; (co and trans.) Visual Poetry: An International Anthology, 1994; R. Starr, San Diego State University: A History in Word and Image, 1995; (co and trans.) Across the Line/Al otro lado: The Poetry of Baja California, 2002. TRANSLATOR: C. Espinosa, ed., Corrosive Signs (essays on experimental poetry), 1990; J.M. Di Bella, Nailed to the Wound (short fiction), 1993; S.G. Montero, The Border: The Future of Postmodernity (critical essays), 1994; P. Menezes, Poetics and Visuality: A Trajectory of Contemporary Brazilian Poetry (theoretical text), 1995; C. Padin, Art for Life, 1997. Contributor of poetry, graphics, and articles to periodicals. Address: Box 927428, San Diego, CA 92192, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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Polkinhorn, Harry

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