Phantom Lady

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Phantom Lady ★★★ 1944

After an argument with his wife Scott Henderson (Curtis) walks into a bar and chats up a mystery woman (Helm). When he returns home, the police are there and his wife has been strangled with his necktie. Since he doesn't know his bar mate's name and no one professes to remember her, Scott is quickly convicted of the crime. Only his loyal secretary Carol (Raines) believes him and she sets out to solve the crime. Based on the novel by Cornell Woolrich. 87m/B VHS . Ella Raines, Alan Curtis, Franchot Tone, Thomas Gomez, Elisha Cook Jr., Fay Helm, Aurora Miranda, Andrew Tombes, Regis Toomey, Joseph Crehan, Virginia Brissac, Milburn Stone; D: Robert Siodmak; W: Bernard C. Schoenfeld; C: Elwood “Woody” Bredell.