Pelikan, Jaroslav

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PELIKAN, Jaroslav

PELIKAN, Jaroslav. American, b. 1923. Genres: Theology/Religion. Career: Sterling Professor of History, 1972-, now emeritus, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., (Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History, 1962- 72; Acting Dean, Graduate School, 1973-78, and Dean, 1975-78; Director, Division of Humanities, 1974-76; DeVane Lecturer, 1984-86). Member Editorial Board, Collected Works of Erasmus, since 1978. Staff Member, Valparaiso University, Indiana, 1946-49, Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis, 1949-53, and University of Chicago, 1953-62. Ed., Luther's Works, American Ed., 22 vols., 1955-70; Chairman, Council of Scholars, Library of Congress, 1980-83. Publications: From Luther to Kierkegaard, 1950; Fools for Christ, 1955; The Riddle of Roman Catholicism, 1959; (ed.) The Book of Concord, 1959; Luther the Expositor, 1959; The Shape of Death, 1961; The Light of the World, 1962; Obedient Rebels, 1964; The Finality of Jesus Christ in an Age of Universal History, 1965; The Christian Intellectual, 1966; (ed.) Makers of Modern Theology, 5 vols., 1966-68; (ed.) The Preaching of Chrysostom, 1967; (ed.) Interpreters of Luther, 1968; Spirit versus Structure, 1968; Development of Doctrine, 1969; Twentieth Century Theology in the Making, 3 vols., 1969-70; Historical Theology, 1971; The Christian Tradition, 5 vols., 1971-89; (ed.) The Preaching of Augustine, 1973; Scholarship and Its Survival, 1983; The Vindication of Tradition, 1984; Jesus through the Centuries, 1985; (ed.) Emerson's Nature, 1986; The Mystery of Continuity, 1986; Bach among the Theologians, 1986; The Excellent Empire, 1987; The Melody of Theology, 1988; Confessor Between East and West, 1990; Imago Dei, 1990; Eternal Feminines, 1990; (ed.) The World Treasury of Modern Religious Thought, 1990; (ed.) Sacred Writings, 6 vols., 1992; The Idea of the University-A Reexamination, 1992; On Searching the Scriptures-Your Own or Someone Else's 1992; Christianity and Classical Culture, 1993; Faust the Theologian, 1995; (with V.R. Hotchkiss and D. Price) The Reformation of the Bible/The Bible of the Reformation, 1996; Mary through the Centuries, 1996. Address: Yale University, Department of History, 1504A Yale Station, New Haven, CT 06520-7425, U.S.A.