Pearsall, Ronald

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PEARSALL, Ronald. British, b. 1927. Genres: Antiques/Furnishings, Cultural/Ethnic topics, Music. Publications: Is That My Hook in Your Ear?, 1966; Worm in the Bud, 1969; The Table-Rappers, 1972; Victorian Sheet Music Covers, 1972; The Possessed, 1972; The Exorcism, 1972; Diary of Vicar Veitch, 1972; The Wizard and Elidog, 1973; A Day at the Big Top, 1973; Victorian Popular Music, 1973; Collecting Mechanical Antiques, 1973; Edwardian Life and Leisure, 1973; Collecting and Restoring Scientific Instruments, 1974; (with G. Webb) Inside the Antique Trade, 1974; Night's Black Angels, 1975; Collapse of Stout Party, 1975; Edwardian Popular Music, 1975; Popular Music of the 1920's, 1976; The Belvedere, 1976; The Alchemists, 1976; Public Purity, Private Shame, 1976; Conan Doyle, 1977; Antique Hunter's Handbook, 1978; Tides of War, 1978; The Iron Sleep, 1979; Making and Managing an Antique Shop, 1979, 1986; Tell Me Pretty Maiden, 1981; Practical Painting, 1984; Joy of Antiques, 1988; The Murder in Euston Square, 1989; Antique Furniture for Pleasure and Profit, 1990; Lifesaving, 1991; Painting Abstract Pictures, 1991; David & Charles Dictionary of Antiques, 1991. Address: c/o David and Charles, Brunel House, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4PU, England.