Pauline and Paulette

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Pauline and Paulette ★★ 2001 (PG)

Pauline (van der Groen) is a 66-year-old mentally retarded woman living happily with her sister Martha (De Bruyn) is a Flemish town near Brussels. When Martha dies, her will states that her estate will be divided in thirds on condition that one of the two remaining sisters, Paulette (Petersen) or Cecile (Bergmans), must take in Pauline. Otherwise the money will go to set Pauline up in a special care facility. Paulette agrees to care for Pauline, at least temporarily, and finds there are some obligations that aren't easy to get rid of. French and Flemish with subtitles. 78m/ C VHS, DVD . BE FR NL Dora van der Groen, Ann Petersen, Rosemarie Bergmans, Julienne De Bruyn, Idwig Stephane; D: Lieven Debrauwer; W: Lieven Debrauwer, Jacques Boon; C: Michael Van Laer; M: Frederic Devreese.