Parish, James Robert

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PARISH, James Robert

PARISH, James Robert. Also writes as Frances Maugham. American, b. 1944. Genres: Communications/Media, Film, Theatre, Trivia/Facts, Biography, Reference. Career: Self-employed marketing & publishers consultant, 1988-. Entertainment Copyright Research Co. Inc., NYC, president, 1965-68; Variety, NYC, reviewer-interviewer, 1968-69; executive, MCRB, N. Hollywood, 1978-79, 1981-87, and at Homeowners Marketing Services, N. Hollywood, 1987-88; Renaissance Books, Los Angeles, acquisition editor, 1996-2000. Publications: (ed. with P. Michael) American Movies Reference Book, 1969; (ed. with L. Maltin) Television Movies, 1969; (with P. Michael) The Emmy Awards, 1970; The Great Movie Series, 1971; The Fox Girls, 1971; (with A.H. Marill) The Cinema of Edward G. Robinson, 1972; The Paramount Pretties, 1972; (with R.L. Bowers) The MGM Stock Company, 1973; The Slapstick Queens, 1973; Actors Television Credits, 1973; (with M.R. Pitts) The Great Spy Pictures, 1974, Vol. II, 1986; (with S. Whitney) The George Raft File, 1974; (with S. Whitney) Vincent Price Unmasked, 1974; (with M.R. Pitts) Film Directors Guide: United States, 1974; The RKO Gals, 1974; Hollywood's Great Love Teams, 1974; The Great Movie Heroes, 1974; Good Dames, 1974; (with D.E. Stanke) The Glamour Girls, 1975; (with D.E. Stanke) The Debonairs, 1975; (with L. DeCarl) Hollywood Players: The 40's, 1975; (with J. Ano) Liza!: Liza Minnelli Story, 1975; (with M.R. Pitts) The Great Gangster Pictures, 1975, Vol. II, 1987; (co-author) Film Directors Guide: Western Europe, 1975; The Elvis Presley Scrapbook, 1975; Great Western Stars, 1976, rev. ed., 1996; Hollywood Players: The 30's, 1976; The Tough Guys, 1976; (with M.R. Pitts) The Great Science Fiction Pictures, 1976, Vol. II, 1990; (with M.R. Pitts) The Great Western Pictures, 1976, vol. II, 1988; (with D.E. Stanke) The Swashbucklers, 1976; Film Actors Guide: Western Europe, 1977; (with D.E. Stanke) The All-Americans, 1977; (with D.E. Stanke) The Leading Ladies, 1977; Hollywood Character Actors, 1978; (with others) The Hollywood Beauties, 1978; (with M.R. Pitts) Hollywood on Hollywood, 1978; (with W.T. Leonard) The Funsters, 1979; (with D.E. Stanke) The Forties Gals, 1979; (as Frances Maugham) Hollywood Happiness, 1979; (with G. Mank) The Hollywood Regulars, 1980; (with G. Mank) The Best of MGM, 1980; (with M.A. Trost) Actors TV Credits: Supplement I, 1980; (with V.A. Terrace) Supplement II, 1982, Supplement III, 1986; Black Action Pictures, 1989; (with M.R. Pitts) Great Detective Pictures, 1990; Great Combat Pictures, 1990; Great Cop Pictures 1990; (with V.A. Terrace) Complete Actors Television Credits, 2 vols., 1990; (with M.R. Pitts) Hollywood Songsters, 1991; Prison Pictures from Hollywood, 1991; (with M.R. Pitts) Great Hollywood Musicals, 1991; (with D.E. Stanke) Hollywood Baby Boomers, 1992; Prostitution in Hollywood Films, 1992; The Hollywood Celebrity Death Book, 1992; Let's Talk, 1992; Gays & Lesbians in Mainstream Cinema, 1993; Ghosts & Angels on the Screen, 1994; Pirates & Seafaring Swashbucklers, 1995; Today's Black Hollywood, 1995; The Unofficial "Murder, She Wrote" Casebook, 1997; Rosie, 1997, rev. ed., 1998; Jason Biggs, 2000; The Hollywood Book of Death, 2001; Gus Van Sant, 2001; (with A. Taylor) The Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups in Hollywood, 2002; Jet Li, 2002; Hollywood Bad Boys, 2002; Hollywood Divas, 2003; The Hollywood Book of Love, 2003; Whitney Houston, 2003. Address: 4338 Gentry Ave No 1, Studio City, CA 91604-1764, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected];