Parallel Sons

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Parallel Sons ★★ 1995

No-budget first feature from Young has an awkward construction but a couple of fine performances. Teen Seth (Mick) lives in a conservative upstate New York farming community—exactly the wrong place for a young white man with a penchant for black culture and both artistic and homosexual desires. He's working at the local diner, which just happens to get held up by Knowledge (Mason), a black con shot during an escape from the local prison. Seth shelters Knowledge, whose hostility is gradually overcome by both Seth's concern and a mutual sexual attraction. However, more plot complications lead to melodrama. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Heather Gottlieb, Gabriel Mick, Laurence Mason, Murphy Guyer, Graham Alex Johnson; D: John G. Young; W: John G. Young; C: Matt Howe; M: E.D. Menasche.