Paperback Hero 1999

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Paperback Hero ★★½ 1999

Engaging leads help carry a weak story in this fluffy romantic comedy. Studly Jack (Jackman) is a long-distance trucker who makes his home in a remote outback community and is the secret author of a bodice-ripper that has become a bestseller. What Jack has neglected to tell his best friend, Ruby (karvan), is that he used her name as his nom de plume. Now the book's publisher wants Ruby to come to Sydney for a face-to-face meeting and Jack has a tough time getting her to go along with the deception. 96m/C VHS . AU Hugh Jackman, Claudia Karvan, Andrew S. Gilbert, Angie Milliken, Jeanie Drynan, Tony Barry, Ritchie Singer, Bruce Venables, Charlie Little; D: Antony J. Bowman; W: Antony J. Bowman; C: David Burr; M: Burkhard Dallwitz.