Orgel, Doris

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ORGEL, Doris

ORGEL, Doris. Also writes as Doris Adelberg, Suzanne Altman. American (born Austria), b. 1929. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Translations. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: (as Doris Adelberg) Grandma's Holidays, 1963; Sarah's Room, 1963; (as Doris Adelberg) Lizzie's Twins, 1964; Cindy's Snowdrops, 1966; The Good-byes of Magnus Marmalade, 1966; Cindy's Sad and Happy Tree, 1967; In a Forgotten Place, 1967; Whose Turtle?, 1968; On the Sand Dune, 1968; Phoebe and the Prince, 1969; Merry, Rose, and Christmas-Tree June, 1969; Next Door to Xanadu, 1969, as Next-Door Neighbors, 1979; The Uproar, 1970; The Mulberry Music, 1971; Bartholomew, We Love You!, 1973; A Certain Magic, 1975; Merry, Merry FIBruary (poetry), 1977; The Devil in Vienna, 1978; Risking Love, 1985; My War with Mrs. Galloway, 1985; Whiskers Once and Always, 1986; Midnight Soup and a Witch's Hat, 1987; Starring Becky Suslow, 1989; Crack in the Heart, 1989; Nobodies and Somebodies, 1991; The Mouse Who Wanted to Marry, 1993; Button Soup, 1994; (with E. Schecter) The Flower of Sheba, 1994; The Spaghetti Party, 1995; Two Crows Counting, 1995; The Princess and the God, 1996; Don't Call Me Slob-o, 1996; Friends to the Rescue, 1996; We Goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, 1999; My Mother's Daughter: 4 Greek Goddesses Speak, 2003. RETELLER: STORIES AND FAIRY TALES: The Tale of Gockel, Hinkel, and Gackeliah, 1961; Schoolmaster Whackwell's Wonderful Sons, 1962; The Heart of Stone, 1964; The Story of Lohengrin, 1966; A Monkey's Uncle, 1969; The Child from Far Away, 1971; Baron Munchausen: 15 Truly Tall Tales, 1971; Little John, 1972; Godfather Cat and Mousie, 1986; Next Time I Will: An Old English Tale, 1993; Ariadne Awake!, 1994; (with E. Coplon and E. Schecter) She'll Be Coming round the Mountain, 1994; (as Suzanne Altman with E. Schecter) Worst Days Diary, 1995; The Princess and the God, 1996; The Lion and the Mouse and Other Aesop Fables, 2000. TRANSLATOR: W. Hauff, Dwarf Long-Nose, 1960; W. Grieder, The Enchanted Drum, 1969; M. Lobe, The Grandma in the Apple Tree, 1970; E. Heidenreich, Nero Corleone: A Cat's Story, 1997. Contributor of reviews and translations to periodicals. Address: c/o Writers House, 21 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]