Omega Doom

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Omega Doom ★★ 1996 (PG-13)

Four hundred years after an apocalyptic war the most organic thing around are the cyborgs, who exist along with androids and robots in a world where humans no longer matter. Omega Doom (Hauer) is an android developed as a fighter who has no function except to kill. In a ruined amusement park, the Roms and Droids, two rival cyborg groups, maintain an uneasy truce and when Doom wanders in they unite to destroy the intruder. But they don't know what they're up against. 84m/C VHS, DVD .Rutger Hauer, Anna (Katerina) Katarina, Norbert Weisser, Jahi JJ Zuri, Shannon Whirry, Earl White, Tina Cote, Jill Pierce; D: Albert Pyun; W: Ed Naha; C: George Mooradian; M: Tony Riparetti.