The Omega Code

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The Omega Code ★½ 1999 (PG-13)

This entry in the God vs. Devil steel cage apocalypse smackdown genre was actually financed by the Christian cable network TBN. Therefore, you can be sure that it's not evil, although it's plenty bad. In this corner, representing good, is motivational speaker Gillen Lane (Van Dien), who believes that hidden truths may be discovered by applying mathematical equations to sections of the Bible or by overacting. In that corner, representing evil, is Stone Alexander (York), AKA The Antichrist, who uses the hidden codes for nefarious purposes such as taking over the world government and overacting. In the stunning climax stolen from “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” evil is overthrown and we find that the whole thing was a fix from the beginning. Caused a minor stir with semi-big boxoffice numbers, but much of the business was a case of preaching to the choir of fervent TBN viewers in its opening weeks. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Casper Van Dien, Michael York, Catherine Oxenberg, Michael Ironside, Jan Triska, William Hootkins, Robert Ito, Janet Carroll, Gregory Wagrowski, Devon Odessa, George Coe, Robert F. Lyons; D: Robert Marcarelli; W: Stephan Bliss, Hollis Barton; C: Carlos Gonzalez; M: Harry Manfredini.

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The Omega Code

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