The Noose Hangs High

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The Noose Hangs High ★★★ 1948

This broad comedy has our heroes as window washers mistaken for gamblers and getting involved with a bunch of gangsters. Much physical and verbal shenanigans as only these two can do it. The bits may be a bit old, but they're done with a fresh twist. Some good word play with the phrase “You can't be here” runs in the same vein as their classic “Who's on first?” routine. Genuinely funny. 77m/B VHS, DVD . Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Cathy Downs, Joseph Calleia, Leon Errol, Mike Mazurki, Jack Overman, Fritz Feld, Vera Martin, Joe (Joseph) Kirk, Matt Willis, Benny Rubin; D: Charles T. Barton.

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The Noose Hangs High

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