The Night Listener

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The Night Listener ★★½ 2006

Williams does drama in this adaptation of Maupin's novel. New York radio show host Gabriel Noone is distracted by his breakup with longtime lover, Jess (Cannavale), which is affecting his work. His outlook changes when a friend gives him a memoir purportedly written by dying teenaged fan, Pete. Gabriel begins a telephone relationship with Pete (Culkin) and his foster mother, Donna (Collette), but becomes suspicious about Pete's actual existence when Donna won't let them meet. 90m/C DVD . US Robin Williams, Toni Collette, Bobby Cannavale, Joe Morton, Rory Culkin, Sandra Oh, John Cullum; D: Patrick Stettner; W: Patrick Stettner, Armistead Maupin, Terry Anderson; C: Lisa Rinzler; M: Peter Nashel.