Murder at the Vanities

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Murder at the Vanities ★★½ 1934

Vintage murder mystery set against a musical revue format, in which a tough detective must find a killer before the Earl Carroll-based cabaret ends and he or she will escape with the exiting crowd. Also featured is a mind-boggling production number based on the song “Marijuana.” ♫Marijuana; Lovely One; Where Do They Come From Now; Live and Love Tonight; Cokctails for Two; Ebony Rhapsody. 91m/ B VHS . Victor McLaglen, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Jack Oakie, Duke Ellington, Carl Brisson, Dorothy Stickney, Gertrude Michael, Jessie Ralph, Charles Middleton, Gail Patrick, Donald Meek, Toby Wing, Lucille Ball, Ann Sheridan; D: Mitchell Leisen; W: Sam Hellman; C: Leo Tover; M: Arthur Johnston.