Murder at the Gallop

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Murder at the Gallop ★★★½ 1963

Snooping Miss Marple doesn't believe a filthy rich old-timer died of natural causes, despite the dissenting police point of view. Wheedling her way into the police investigation, she discovers the secret of the Gallop club, a place where people bounce up and down on top of horses. Much mugging between Dame Margaret and Morley. Marple's assistant, Mr. Stringer, is the real life Mr. Dame Margaret. Based on Christie's Poirot mystery “After the Funeral.” 81m/B VHS, DVD . Margaret Rutherford, Robert Morley, Flora Robson, Charles “Bud” Tingwell, Duncan Lamont, Stringer Davis; D: George Pollock; W: James P. Cavanagh; C: Arthur Ibbetson; M: Ronald Goodwin.