Mr. Nice Guy 1998

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Mr. Nice Guy ★★½ Yatgo Ho Yan 1998 (PG-13)

Jackie Chan brings another installment of his Bruce Leemeets-Charlie Chaplin action adventure shenanigans to the screen. This time he plays a TV cooking show host who gets into boiling water when he saves a female reporter (Fitzpatrick) who has videotaped a drug deal. He ends up with the videotape, so reptilian bad guy Giancarlo (Norton) sends his lackeys out to chop-suey Jackie, though they turn out to be boneless chickens. The high action/low talk meter is cranked up in this outing, due to the fact that it's Chan's first movie filmed primarily in English (although it was still produced in Hong Kong). The plot seems to have been chopped up a bit while travelling over the Pacific, but Chan fans are well aware that the whirling dervish stunts are more important than a silly old story anyway. 90m/ C VHS, DVD . HK Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Miki Lee, Karen McLymont, Vince Poletto, Barry Otto, Sammo Hung; D: Sammo Hung; W: Edward Tang, Fibe Ma; C: Raymond Lam; M: J. Peter Robinson.