Mr. Moto Takes a Chance

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Mr. Moto Takes a Chance ★★ 1938

Mr. Moto (Lorre), who also works for an international police agency, is told to destroy an armory hidden by a fanatical priest (Regas) in the jungles of Cambodia while also foiling anti-government plots against the French. He's helped by aviatrix (and fellow agent) Vicki Mason (Hudson) as well as a couple of fumbling newsreel photographers, Marty (Kent) and Chick (Chandler). 4th in the series. 63m/B DVD . Peter Lorre, Rochelle Hudson, Robert Kent, Chick Chandler, George Regas, J. Edward Bromberg, Frederick Vogeding; D: Norman Foster; W: Lou Breslow, John Patrick; C: Virgil Miller; M: Samuel Kaylin.