Mountain Patrol: Kekexili

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Mountain Patrol: Kekexili ★★ Kekexili 2004

Kekexili is a brutally dangerous, remote, and beautiful part of Tibet that is home to the endangered chiru antelopes, which are prized by poachers for the price that their wool coats bring. The slaughter is so bad that the mountain people have formed their own patrol to hunt the poachers. In 1996, young Beijing journalist Ga Yu (Zhang) shows up to shadow the patrol and bring attention to the animals' plight. Based on a true story. Mandarin and Tibetan with subtitles. 92m/C DVD . CH HK Duo Bujie, Zhang Lei, Qi Lang, Zhao Xueying; D: Lu Chuan; W: Lu Chuan; C: Cao Yu; M: Lao Zai.

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Mountain Patrol: Kekexili

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