Mother 1996

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Mother ★★½ 1996 (PG-13)

Yes, you will shake your head in recognition of that parent-child bond. Twice-divorced writer John Henderson (Brooks) decides it's all Mom's fault he has problems with women, so he decides to move back home and figure out what went wrong. Mom Beatrice (Reynolds) is exasperated and married younger brother Jeff (Morrow) winds up jealous of mom's attentions to his sibling. Reynolds' first feature film in 25 years. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Albert Brooks, Debbie Reynolds, Rob Morrow, Lisa Kudrow, John C. McGinley, Isabel Glasser, Peter White; D: Albert Brooks; W: Albert Brooks, Monica Johnson; C: Lajos Koltai; M: Marc Shaiman. N.Y. Film Critics ‘96: Screenplay; Natl. Soc. Film Critics ‘96: Screenplay.