Mister Drake's Duck

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Mister Drake's Duck ★★½ 1950

American newlyweds Don (Fairbanks Jr.) and Penny (Donlan) Drake settle down on the English farm that Don has inherited. At a auction, Penny mistakenly buys five dozen ducks, one of which turns out to lay radioactive eggs. Soon the British Army has quarantined the farm and then other branches of the military turn up—all claiming the duck and turning the Drakes' life into chaos. Rather dated, but still amusing, satire on nuclear arms and the military. Based on a play by Ian Messiter. 80m/B VHS . GB Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Yolande Donlan, Reginald Beckwith, Howard Marion-Crawford, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Jon Pertwee, John Boxer, A.E. Matthews; D: Val Guest; W: Val Guest; C: Jack Cox, Harry Gillam; M: Bruce Campbell.