Missiles of October

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Missiles of October ★★★ 1974

Telling the story of the October 1962 Cuban Missile crisis, this TV drama keeps you on the edge of your seat while unfolding the sequence of events within the U.S. government. Well written, with a strong cast including Devane, who turns in a convincing performance as—guess who—.F.K. 155m/C VHS, DVD . James Hong, James Callahan, Keene Curtis, John Dehner, Peter Donat, Andrew Duggan, Charles Cyphers, Dana Elcar, Arthur Franz, Larry Gates, Richard Karlan, Michael Lerner, Stacy Keach Sr., Wright King, Will Kuluva, Paul Lambert, Doreen Lang, Byron Morrow, Stewart Moss, James Olson, Dennis Patrick, Albert Paulsen, Nehemiah Persoff, William Prince, John Randolph, Kenneth Tobey, Harris Yulin, George Wyner, William Devane, Ralph Bellamy, Martin Sheen, Howard da Silva; D: Anthony Page; M: Laurence Rosenthal. TV