Miss Austen Regrets

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Miss Austen Regrets ★★½ 2007

A “what-if” biography of the writer. Jane Austen (Williams) receives a proposal from a wealthy suitor but changes her mind when she realizes that a wife's duties will prevent her from writing. So she and her unmarried older sister Cassandra (Scacchi) live with their waspish mother (Law) under strained financial circumstances. Her favorite niece Fanny (Poots) insists on asking Jane's opinion on her own potential suitors, though she doesn't like the advice she's given. This causes Jane to wonder if she's made the right choices even as she gains success as an author. 90m/C DVD . GB Olivia Williams, Greta Scacchi, Phyllida Law, Pip Torrens, Adrian Edmondson, Hugh Bonneville, Imogen Poots, Jack Huston, Tom Hiddleston; D: Jeremy Lovering; W: Gwyneth Hughes; C: Michas Kotz; M: Luke Dunkley. TV