Milk and Honey

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Milk and Honey ★ 2003

Manhattan stockbroker Rick Johnson (Jordan) goes on a midlife freak-out touched off by his suspicion that his wife Joyce (Russell) is cheating on him. What ensues is a string of events that spirals downward, ensnaring people along the way in the most incredibly absurd ways. The digital video filming suits the frenzied nature of this off the wall romp, but the characters are utterly unsympathetic and the string of events falls just outside of the realm of believability. 91m/C DVD . US Clint Jordan, Kirsten Russell, Eleanor Hutchins, Dudley Findlay Jr., Anthony Howard, Greg Amici; D: Joe Maggio; W: Joe Maggio; C: Gordon Chou; M: Hal Hartley, Yo La Tengo.