Midnight Edition

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Midnight Edition ★★ 1993 (R)

Investigative reporter Jack Travers (Patton) returns to his Georgia hometown newspaper just in time to write the story of his life. Nineteen-year-old Darryl Weston (De-Luise) massacres a local family for no apparent reason, is tried, convicted, and sentenced to die. Jack's death row interviews with Darryl become hot news but his reporter's objectivity is lost and he becomes a pawn in an escape plan. Good interplay between the charming sociopath and the self-deluded reporter in a sometimes confusing thriller. Based on the autobiography “Escape of My Dead Men” by Charles Postell. 98m/C VHS . Will Patton, Michael DeLuise, Clare Wren, Nancy Moore Atchison, Sarabeth Tucek, Judson Vaughn, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Jay Bernard; D: Howard Libov; W: Howard Libov, Yuri Zeltser, Michael Stewart; M: Murray Attaway.