Midaq Alley

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Midaq Alley ★★★ The Alley of Miracles; El Callejon de los Milagros 1995

Amusing melodrama based on the 1947 novel by Egyptian Naguib Mahfouz and transported from Cairo's backstreets to those of a rundown, modern-day Mexico City neighborhood known as “The Alley of Miracles.” Four segments all begin on the same Sunday afternoon and follow a variety of the Alley's inhabitants, including a married man who becomes attracted to a young male clerk, a beauty who falls prey to a suave pimp, and a homely woman looking for love and finding Mr. Wrong. Spanish with subtitles. 140m/C VHS, DVD . MX Ernesto Cruz, Maria Rojo, Salma Hayek, Bruno Bichir, Claudio Obregon, Delia Casanova, Margarita Sanz, Juan Manuel Bernal, Luis Felipe Tovar, Daniel Gimenez Cacho; D: Jorge Fons; W: Vicente Lenero; C: Carlos Marcovich; M: Lucia Alvarez.

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Midaq Alley

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