Mean Machine 2001

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Mean Machine ★★ 2001 (R)

British remake of Robert Aldrich's 1974 film, “The Longest Yard,” that stresses comedy and crazies. Danny Meechan (former soccer star Jones) is a disgraced pro player who winds up in prison on assault charges. The warden (Hemmings) wants Danny to coach the guards' soccer team instead of chief guard Burton (Brown), who will make Danny's life very difficult if he accepts. So Danny proposes a compromise—he'll train and coach an inmate team in a match against the guards. You can guess where this one is going but Jones and Statham (who plays a violent con) are worth watching. 98m/C VHS, DVD . US GB Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham, David Hemmings, Ralph Brown, David Kelly, Jason Flemyng, Danny Dyer, Vas Blackwood, John Forgeham, Robbie Gee; D: Barry Skolnick; W: Charlie Fletcher, Chris Baker, Andrew Day; C: John Murphy; M: Alex Barber.